About Ro's Designs

Provided below are answers to some basic questions with the intent for you to better learn about the media that I create.

VEKTR0designs v1

Introduced with the debut of the VEKTR0 alias in 2015 came first VEKTR0 design. Starting out with just custom lettering, v1 later received a mascot that varied depending on its use-case. The face was inspired by Barely Alive's logo. Parts of this original logo still exist in today's designs. The design was later replaced with the first release of the fl0manel fox logo in January 2017, with the name coming from my previous alias.

VEKTR0designs v2

Just a few months after the release of the first fl0manel design, in June 2017, the second version was released with an improved fl0manel and a new font being used for the VEKTR0 name.

VEKTR0designs v3

In November 2017, the third version was introduced with an admittedly-worse fl0manel design and the same font for VEKTR0. Later variants of this design scheme introduced neon to my designs.

VEKTR0designs v4

In June 2018, version 4 released. This update brought fl0manel away from the fox life and turned him into a lynx. This update also brought a new font for VEKTR0. Neon was present in this update a majority of the time.


In 2018, VEKTR0v5 came with an updated fl0manel with reduced lines. Every other aspect of the design was essentially the same as version 4. The neon inspired similar designs, and a light and dark variant of the design were introduced from the design's start.


VEKTR0v6 released in July 2019. fl0manel returned to fox form, but significantly sharper. I returned to my roots by creating my own font for the VEKTR0 lettering. Later variants would include gradients, a revamped neon, and a shift in the logo's general layout. This would lead to VEKTR0v7 in 2020.

VEKTR0v7 - Current Design

Someway, somehow, doing the absolutely absurd year of 2020, I still managed to create a better logo. fl0manel received some curves (a first in the history of my designs), but became obstructed by the bolder, sharper VEKTR0 lettering. While actual releases of variants became disrupted by, well, 2020, I did a lot of work behind the scenes to create some of my best themes yet. In late January 2021, a wallpaper pack was released exclusively on my Discord server to showcase the different designs that were mostly never seen before.


Coming Summer 2021, to social networks near you, VEKTR0v8 is the perfect follow-up to VEKTR0v7. I went back to the drawing board. Well, actually, I went back to the graph paper that I printed on the printer at work. That's not the point.

I didn't want to start completely from scratch, but I didn't want all elements to stay the same as the previous design change. Working off of that, I crafted a design that I felt perfectly complimented the aesthetic of my brand, as well as feel new, all at the same time (not sorry, Raistlyn). fl0manel's been redone all-around, with sharper corners, and looks a lot sleeker with the addition of a lot more curves. Curvy baby, indeed, Jase. The VEKTR0 lettering has been modified letter by letter. The "V" has been narrowed to fit the uniform width of other letters. The "E" has a shortened middle stub or whatever you call that thing in the middle. The "K" has also been narrowed, while the "T" had a curve added that you honestly wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't said anything about it. The "R" has more curvature to it, and the funny part is that the curve of the leg of the "R" was done accidentally, but makes it just that much more unique. The top of the zero has been extended a little bit, but is otherwise not modified.

While all of this felt like enough for a major design release, I wanted to do more with it. The main problem that I had with VEKTR0v6 and VEKTR0v7 was that a lot of fl0manel was obstructed by having the lettering layered above it, covering up bits that really would have made fl0manel's features stand out. This time around, VEKTR0v8's lettering has been made a little bit smaller, to allow the main cutouts of fl0manel to stand out.

Previous iterations of my designs have featured a neon appearance, with VEKTR0design v4 having neon as the main theme. This is making a return with VEKTR0v8, and I've gone back and started from scratch with a new way of handling the neon appearance. To start, each logo element has four layers. Starting from the top layer, there's the main logo element with color added as part of each theme. The layer below is a duplicate, but with 10pt gradient blur added, with the layer below that having 25pt gradient blur. Underneath all that is the main logo element, in white, to allow the top layer to pop out more. This design already has a release date set, complete with new YouTube video animations, a video specifically covering the journey to this design, and a wallpaper pack, all of which will release exclusively to VIP's on my Discord a week early.

What equipment do you use to create your designs?

A majority of my designs are made on my PC, and my files synced to Adobe Creative Cloud, so I can work on my designs on my 2017 Apple MacBook Pro and 2020 Apple iPad Pro.

What programs do you use to create your designs?

All of my designs are created with Adobe Creative Cloud applications Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC. Illustrator is used to create the vector designs, while photoshop is used for layering and final production. After all of this, is use Adobe After Effects CC to create the animations for my YouTube channel, using templates from Envato's Video Hive service.