About Ro / FAQ

Provided below are answers to some basic questions with the intent for you to better learn about me. Feel free to ask me anything that you want by clicking Ask Me Anything in the sidebar.

Who are you? What do you do?

My name is Romanel Fleming, born and raised in Seattle, WA, USA. I'm best known as a content creator on YouTube, as well as a graphic designer with projects ranging from logos to vehicle texture packs for the Grand Theft Auto modding community.

My first main hobby was graphic design, dating back as far as middle school. My craving for designing picked up more throughout high school and college. Today, my work is focused primarily on my own logos, for my VEKTR0 persona. Between 2015 and 2017, I also created vehicle textures for the Grand Theft Auto modding community, based solely on law enforcement agencies in the greater Seattle area. This includes Seattle Police Department, Puyallup Police Department, King County Sheriff, and Washington State Patrol. Due to putting more focus on my YouTube channel, as well as work and my personal life, I took a long hiatus from the community as a creator in late 2017. In late-2018, I came back to release the Oregon State Police texture pack, which was my first release that didn't focus on anything within the state of Washington.

My passion for creating content on YouTube started in late 2014. I had previously had a channel where I would post small clips from Skate 3 on my PlayStation 3, but I wanted to do something more, that I and others would enjoy. Picking up inspiration from SpeirsTheAmazingHD, BayAreaBuggs, and Polecat324, I launched my current gaming-focused channel in November 2014. The channel originally focused on LCPDFR (a police roleplay mod for Grand Theft Auto IV) and Euro Truck Simulator 2. These two series' led to the sequels "LSPDFR" (a police roleplay mod for Grand Theft Auto V) and "American Truck Simulator".

Over time, different games/series' have come and gone, including The Long Dark, Ghost Recon Wildlands, The Sims 4, Far Cry 3 & 5, and the Life Is Strange franchise. I started the "San Andreas: Franchise", kicking off with the spinoff of my LSPDFR series, "San Andreas: Law". Shortly after, I debuted the "San Andreas: Wanted" series, along with "San Andreas: Drive". These 2 series' ("Wanted" & "Drive") were later merged into the "San Andreas: Life" series. In June 2018, I released episode 55 of "San Andreas: Law", an episode that many think is the series finale. But after some time to think about the future of the series, I've decided that the series will continue with seasons, much like with most TV shows. Season 2 of "San Andreas: Law" will feature a trailer that'll be released on March 28th, prior to the April 14 (my birthday) release of the first Season 2 episode. Following episodes will release every Saturday, with a total of 25 episodes. Another series on the channel is "Worldwide Trucking", which is a combination of American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. Also on the current channel roster is Rainbow Six Siege, one of the longest-standing series' on the channel because of it's frequently added content and because of how easy it is to record and stream.

As for employment, I started as a crew member at Five Guys in June 2016. In March 2018, I moved to a different Five Guys location, and was promoted to the Shift Lead position in August 2018. That November, I transferred to a brand new store, continuing as a Shift Lead. In February 2019, I left Five Guys and moved to Panera Bread.

What's your current phone, and how do you have it set up?

Currently, I'm using the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition, a newly-released, limited-edition smartphone packed with a ton of great features, going toe-to-toe with other premium smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and Apple iPhone XS. This phone features 10GB of LPDDR4X, 258GB of storage, dual cameras in the rear (16MP & 20MP), Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, Adreno 630, lightening fast facial recognition, and an awesome fingerprint sensor inside of the screen. Also included are a 6.41" display with a tiny "waterdrop" notch (unlike the huge notches on the Google Pixel 3 XL and Apple iPhone X series phones).

It runs OnePlus' custom, near-stock version of Android, called OxygenOS. It's built on top of Android Pie, and runs incredibly smooth, thanks to its high-end specs. The dual cameras in the rear take awesome images with Portrait Mode, are capable of taking slow-motion video at 480fps, and can take 4k videos at 60fps with Optical Image Stabilization. The brand new "Warp Charge 30" brings amazingly quick charging time. It can charge over 50% in just 20 minutes.

I use Action Launcher as my main launcher, as it's highly customizeable with new features being added frequently. My setup is simple, with 5 folders (Google Apps, Social, Multimedia, Financial, and Utilities) and the custom OnePlus McLaren clock widget near the top. I've been using most of this setup for several months, now, and it's the best that I've had. I also use Simplicon as my current icon pack.

While gaming isn't something I typically do with my phone, I do have Alto's Adventure and Alto's Odyssey in case I get bored. Social apps on my phone include Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. For music, I mainly use Spotify, though I occassionally use SoundCloud or YouTube Music. Utilties include Speedtest (by Ookla) for checking internet speeds, Handshake for easy data transfers between my phone and MacBook Pro, and Opera VPN for faking what country I'm in (you know, because regional YouTube blocks).

How did you come up with your nickname?

The VEKTR0 name is originally based on the word "vector", though it's obviously been modified with a zero instead of an 'o', and a 'k' instead of a 'c'. And of course, it's intended to be all-caps, to help it stand out more. On top of that, the 'R' was moved to be before the zero, that way my shortname, 'Ro', is perfectly fitted at the end. The name originated in mid-2015, in a small GTA Online session with some friends. Not only is 'vector' a reference to the vector designs that I've been making for the past few years, it's also one of my favorite guns. The name was publicly debuted just days after its creation.

What's the story behind your current design?

My first real 'face' logo debuted shortly after the VEKTR0 name was unveiled, and was inspired by Barely Alive's logo. The logo changed over time, and I eventually decided to change things up and come up with an animal-based logo. 'fl0manel v1' was introduced in October 2016, and was the first of a few different fox designs. The 'fl0manel' name was my original persona back in 2008, was retired in 2013, and was reborn in 2016. The 'fl0manel' logo can commonly be seen along side the VEKTR0 name in a font titled 'Futura'.

In early 2018, my design at the time (titled 'fl0manel v3') received an update to make it neon-based. This change in design was a turning point for me, as many people enjoyed the new aesthetic. Over the following months, the coloring of the design changed to match a monthly theme. This started in February with a Valentine's Day theme, with March featuring a Saint Patrick's Day theme, April featuring an Easter theme, and May featuring a personally chosen theme. The coloring from the May update is what was used as the standard color scheme for 'fl0manel v4'.

Speaking of 'fl0manel v4', this update released on June 1st, 2018. Keeping the neon elements from v3, fl0manel went through a redesign, which saw the end of the fox and the beginning of the lynx. This newer design does not have facial features, unlike previous designs, since it just features a neon outline. This simpler aesthetic allows the design to stay simple.

In December 2018, I released 'VEKTR0designs v5', a global design refresh covering VEKTR0media (my YouTube channel, with new animations and thumbnails), VEKTR0creations & VEKTR0photography (new screenshots and photograph template).

What programs and equipment do you use to create your designs?

To create all of my designs, I use Adobe Illustrator CC to create the original shape of the logos, then export the design into Adobe Photoshop CC where I do everything else. Because both programs are part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, I use both my PC and my MacBook Pro for designs. And thanks to the Adobe Creative Cloud, all of my files are stored in the cloud, so they're accessible from all of my devices. These files are periodically backed up locally, in case of connection-loss or other mishaps.

What programs and equipment do you use to make YouTube videos?

Let's start with my equipment. My microphone is a Blue Spark XLR microphone (originally used and signed by TheNorthernAlex), connected to my Behringer Q502-USB mixer, which is connected to my PC.

I use a program called 'Noise Gator' to apply a noise gate to my audio in real-time, allowing for my audio to only turn on when I am speaking. This helps reduce background noise and general mouth/nose-generated noises, such as licking lips and breathing. After this, Noise Gator passes my audio to 'Audacity', which is the program that I use to record my personal voice audio.

I use Nvidia Share (previously known as Shadowplay) to record my gameplay, gameplay audio, and an extra audio source. If I'm recording with other people, this means recording (in most cases) Discord. If I'm recording by myself, I record my microphone's audio input so I can sync my audio easier.

I have 2 external hard drives, a 4TB Western Digital for all of my recording files and finalized projects that are ready to be uploaded, and a 2TB Seagate for all of my editing. Once a recording is finished, I use the 4TB drive to transfer all recording files to my MacBook Pro. My MacBook Pro is used to edit videos through Final Cut Pro X, as well as create thumbnails with a custom template in Photoshop CC, and then uploaded through Google Chrome.

This setup will change significantly when I get my NAS (Network Attached Storage) and my new PC build is completed.

What's in your current PC build?

Here are the main specs (full info can be found here.):

Case: NZXT H440
CPU: Intel i7-6700K
GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 1080ti (Founders Edition)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB @ 3200MHz
PSU: Corsair RM850x
Storage: 1x240GB PNY SSD, 1x500GB Crucial SSD, 2x1TB HDD in RAID 0 configuration, 2x2TB HDD in RAID 0 configuration

What's in your new PC build?

Here are the main specs (full info can be found here.):

Case: NZXT H700i
CPU: Intel i9-9900K
GPU: ASUS GeForce RTX 2080ti
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32GB @ 3200MHz
PSU: Corsair RM850x (White, 2018)
Storage: 1x2TB NVMe SSD, 2x2TB SATA3 SSD in RAID 0 configuration (there will also be a NAS build prior to this build that'll be an additional 8TB)

Is there anyone that you would like to shout out?

First of all, I would like to thank Jase Wolf (a.k.a. Jwbjnwolf), who's been helping me with building, running, and modifying this website since the very beginning. He's also been a great friend, and has supported me and my channel for a few years, now.

Secondly, I'd like to give a shout out to Kovin for being an long-time subscriber to my channel, and being one of the most active subscribers.

Next, a huge shoutout to those who have donated to my channel, including 'somniumisdreaming', who was the first donator. Thank you so much, m'dudes.

Last, huge shoutout to my homies Mike_Art03a, JeepinDan, OGBrad, Hardtruck1, and ShortZ, who are part of my Bad Fellas Entertainment collective (more info on that, below). Honorable mentions go to Carper (also known as Carperino/Fartknockr), Mister_Bald, and Smoke Eater Gaming.

Favorite YouTube channels?

Most of the YouTube channels that watch are gaming-related, so I have to start with SpeirsTheAmazingHD, who's the first YouTuber that I ever subscribed to. Without him, I don't know where I'd be. He's helped me through some pretty rough times, and without him, I wouldn't have found BayAreaBuggs and Code Zero Gaming. Within Code Zero, I watch Polecat324 and TheNorthernAlex. I also watch Call Me Kevin.

When it comes to technology-based YouTube channels, I frequently find myself watching videos from Unbox Therapy, JayzTwoCents, and LinusTechTips.

What is Bad Fellas Entertainment?

In early 2016, I became a part of TheNorthernAlex's community, TheNorthernPack. Through this community, I met some awesome guys and have formed a great bond with them. We play games together, laugh, and have all sorts of fun. At some point, I thought it would be awesome if we formed an official group. In late 2017, I started our collective, Bad Fellas Entertainment. The name is from a song by Barely Alive and Astronaut, which released in mid-2015 on Disciple Recordings.

What type of music do you listen to?

I was introduced to Hip-Hop/Rap in 2004, which I frequently listened to until 2014. In 2011, I was introduced to EDM, originally listening to Dubstep.

Though I mostly enjoy the life-threatening sounds of Dubstep (you know, the robot sex noises, growls, and storms of bass) as well as Drum & Bass, I also enjoy the calmer side of Electronic music, such as Melodic Dubstep, House, and Progressive House.

Favorite artists in Hip-Hop/Rap?

Eminem (Marshall Mathers). Simply put, the Rap God himself is forever going to be my #1 pick for best rapper. Besides his solo career, the head of Shady Records is also part of a duo with Royce da 5’9” (also a favorite rapper of mine, also from Detroit) called Bad Meets Evil, as well as a member of D12 (Dirty Dozen).

Royce da 5’9” (Ryan Daniel Montgomery) is an incredible lyricist and is part of the duo PRhyme with DJ Premier, as well as a quarter of Slaughterhouse (with Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, and Joe Budden). In 2016, Ryan started his own label, Bad Half Entertainment, and released a mixtape (“Trust The Shooter”) and a studio album (“Layers”) through it. In 2018, he released his “Book of Ryan” studio album, which features several artists such as J Cole, Eminem, Jadakiss, and Fabolous.

As of May 2018, I started listening more to G-Eazy, a Bay-Area based rapper, who's worked alongside Halsey, Dillon Francis, and E40. My favorite track with him is titled "Me, Myself, and I".

I've also started listening to Joyner Lucas, following his appearance on Eminem's "Kamikaze" album.

Here are some tracks to check out:
- “Endless Summer Fresstyle”, G-Eazy, YG
- “Ex”, Ty Dolla $ign, YG
- “Me, Myself, & I”, G-Eazy, Bebe Rexha
- “Fuck Everybody”, Terror Reid
- “Summer On Lock”, Royce Da 5'9", Pusha T, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Assassin
- “I Love”, Joyner Lucas
- “Tabernacle”, Royce Da 5'9"
- “Uppercuts”, Terror Reid
- “Not Alike”, Eminem, Royce Da 5'9"
- “I Mean It”, G-Eazy
- “Same Bitches”, Post Malone, G-Eazy, YG
- “You Got Me”, G-Eazy

Favorite artists in Electronic music?

Since the days of DESTROID, a group headed by Excision, an artist by the name of "Space Laces" has always had my attention. While he may not have released very much content when compared to other artists around him, his unique sound design and hilarious endings to songs makes his music of high quality. He finally released his first EP (Overdrive EP) on June 6th, 2018, through Never Say Die Records.

In late 2017, I discovered an artist going by the name "IVORY". Signed to Never Say Die Records, IVORY is yet another great artist with a unique sound design. His latest EP (Next Level EP) was released on April 30th, 2018.

An artist by the name of "Chime" has been around a while, having released music through several record labels, including Firepower Records and Circus Records. Previously known as "Dec3mber", Chime has a very digital sound design, frequently featuring sound effects from video games. He makes a good range of music, from Melodic Dubstep to heavier Dubstep.

Next up is the legendary Virtual Riot, a German producer who's created amazing songs across several genres (Dubstep, Melodic, Riddim, and Future Bass). Valentin is signed to Disciple Recordings.

Last, but certainly not least, Barely Alive. Currently my favorite duo in music, Matt and Willie have released plenty of tracks across several genres, from Dubstep, to Drum & Bass, to Hip-Hop/Rap, to Trap, and so on. They are signed to Disciple Recordings.

Other great artists include Panda Eyes, Eptic, Kompany, Myro, Soltan, PhaseOne, Hi I'm Ghost, Bandlez, Ephwurd, and Getter.

Here are some tracks to check out:
- “Deeper In Love”, Barely Alive, Great Good Fine OK [ELECTRONIC]
- “Overdrive”, Space Laces [DUBSTEP]
- “Triforce (Dodge & Fuski Remix)”, Panda Eyes, Virtual Riot, Barely Alive, Dodge & Fuski [DUBSTEP]
- “Earthshine”, Chime [MELODIC]
- “No Joke”, Badklaat [TRAP]
- “Rapture”, Kompany [DUBSTEP]
- “My Favorite Star”, Barely Alive [MELODIC]
- “Your Love (Myro Remix)”, Dodge & Fuski, Myro [DUBSTEP]
- “Double Up (Bandlez Remix)”, PhaseOne, Young Buck [DUBSTEP]
- “Kyoto Funk”, Bandlez [RIDDIM]
- “Bangin'”, Crizzly, Carbin [TRAP]
- “Fuckin' Amazing”, Kap Slap, Cal [MELODIC DUBSTEP]
- “Everywhere I Go”, Ephwurd [BASS HOUSE]
- “Blood // Water”, grandson [TRAP]
- “Rumble”, Space Laces, Excision [DUBSTEP]
- “Get Lemon”, 12th Planet, Barely Alive, Dodge & Fuski, Eliminate, Fox Stevenson, Hatcha, Modestep, Myro, Oolacile, Panda Eyes, PhaseOne, Truth, Virtual Riot, Virus Syndicate [DUBSTEP]

For more songs that I recommend, check out my Spotify playlist.