VEKTR0alliance Discord Server


Before participating in my VEKTR0alliance Discord server, please review these rules.

Respect every member of the server.

Don't disrespect/attack other members of the server. This includes (but is not limited to) insults, threats, discrimination, and/or harassment. This also includes letting people speak, without interupting. This has become quite an issue as of lately on this server, and it really needs to come to a stop. If someone is speaking, regardless of topic, LET THEM FINISH!

No spamming!

Spamming can consist of emotes, caps, commands, promoting, or anything else that would be considered overly-repetitive.

Don't ask to be a moderator.

Asking to be a moderator will result in you permanently being disqualified from ever becoming a moderator, and you'll just look like an idiot.


Politics is a subject that is sensitive, yet allowed on this server. However, your intent cannot be to insult/offend, attack, or pursuade any members toward a political party or inidividual.


Religion is not to be discussed on this server, due in part to recent concerns that broke Rule #1.


Links are permitted on this server, so long as they follow a certain set of guidelines.
Links to articles and standard web pages can go into the #general channel.
Links to photos, videos, and music belong in the #media channel.
Links related to gaming, including photos/videos of games, belong specifically in the #games.
Links must not contain and/or lead to pornographic material.

Images, Videos, & Music

Images, videos, and music are permitted on the server, so long that they are appropriate and are in the proper channels.
Anything gaming-related goes in #games, everything else goes in #media.


Failure to follow the provided rules, of which are listed above, can/will result in the following consequences.

Stage 0 (Warning)

Stage 0 is a miniscule offense, one that is not a big deal, but should still be avoided in the future. A Stage 0 offense results in a warning.

Stage 1 (Warning / Time-Out)

Stage 1 is a minor offense, and while it's not a big deal, it is to be combatted with a warning and a time-out. A time-out is a quick 1-hour probationary period, after which full abilities will be replenished.

Stage 2 (Time-Out / Demotion)

Stage 2 is a moderate offense, and as such will result in a time-out. Once the time-out is completed, the member will be brought down to a lower role than prior, unless they were not assigned a higher role. Higher roles include Admin, Moderator, and VIPs.

Stage 3 (Demotion / Probationary Period)

Stage 3 is a moderate offense, which results in a 1-week Probationary Period, and a swift demotion to a general role. Once the Probationary Period has ended, the member will be assigned to the Transition role, of which will last another week. When the 1-week Transition period has concluded, the member will be placed into the @everyone role, and be Disqualified from becoming a Moderator for another 3-months, and fully disqulified from ever becoming an Admin. The member may still become a VIP, should I approve.

Stage 4 (Kick / Soft Ban)

At Stage 4, a serious offense has been committed, and the member must be removed from the server and banned for no less than 1 week. Upon return to the server, the member is to be fully Disqualified from becoming a VIP/Moderator/Admin, and will be placed into a Probationary Period of 2 weeks. Upon completion of the 2-week Probationary Period, the member is then assigned the Transition role for 1-week, and will return to @everyone afterwards.

Stage 5 (Kick / Permanent Ban)

At Stage 5, a high crime has been committed, and the offender must be removed and banned from the server, permanently.