VEKTR0alliance Discord Server


Before participating in my VEKTR0alliance Discord server, please review these rules.

Respect every member of the server.

Don't disrespect/attack other members of the server. This includes (but is not limited to) insults, threats, discrimination, and/or harassment. This also includes letting people speak, without interupting. This has become quite an issue as of lately on this server, and it really needs to come to a stop. If someone is speaking, regardless of topic, LET THEM FINISH!

No spamming!

Spamming can consist of emotes, caps, commands, promoting, or anything else that would be considered overly-repetitive.

Some examples of spamming are:
- Text (multiple messages)
- Caps / Yelling
- Emotes / Symbols
- Links
- Hot-Mic
- Chain Messages

Don't ask for a higher role (BFE, Staff, VIP).

BFE is our collective, so you definitely won't be joining in on that. The Staff role is handpicked by me, so unless you've been around a long time and haven't broken the roles, you're not getting that role. VIP's are people who've been around long enough that they're known. They've been respectful, helpful, and have behaved. First offense is a warning, second offense permanently disqualifies you from these roles.


Politics is a subject that is sensitive, yet allowed on this server. However, your intent cannot be to insult/offend, attack, or pursuade any members toward a political party or inidividual.


Religion is not to be discussed on this server, due in part to recent concerns that broke Rule #1.


Links are permitted on this server, so long as they follow a certain set of guidelines.
Links to articles and standard web pages can go into the #general channel.
Links to photos, videos, and music belong in the #media channel.
Links related to gaming, including photos/videos of games, can go in #gaming.
Links that contain and/or lead to pornographic material must only be posted in #nsfw, and will lead to consequences if posted elsewhere on the server.

Images, Videos, & Music

Images, videos, and music are permitted on the server, so long that they are appropriate and are in the proper channels.
Anything gaming-related goes in #gaming, everything else goes in #media. Inappropriate/pornographic material can only be posted in #nsfw, and will result in consequences if posted elsewhere on the server.

Gaming Channels

Anyone is permitted to join the Gaming Rooms, but only if you're...
- Currently playing the same game with other members in that room.
- Planning to or preparing to play the same game with other members in that room.

If you join a gaming room and don't meet these requirements, you will receive a warning (strike) from fl0manel.

Alternate Accounts

Alternate accounts are not permitted on the server, and will be kicked. Continued attempts to use alternate accounts will result in a kick of the primary account and a ban for the alternate account. A ban will be placed on the primary account if further issues of this matter arise. These alternate accounts may include:
- Unauthorized "bot" accounts
- Duplicate accounts
- Fake accounts

If you needed to make a new account (for example, due to an issue with two-factor authentication in which you could no longer access the old account), please contact me.


Failure to follow the provided rules, of which are listed above, can/will result in the following consequences.

Stage 0 (Warning)

Stage 0 is a miniscule offense, one that is not a big deal, but should still be avoided in the future. A Stage 0 offense results in a warning.

Stage 1 (Warning / Time-Out)

Stage 1 is a minor offense, and while it's not a big deal, it is to be combatted with a warning and a time-out. A time-out is a quick 1-hour probationary period, after which full abilities will be replenished.

Stage 2 (Time-Out / Demotion)

Stage 2 is a moderate offense, and as such will result in a time-out. Once the time-out is completed, the member will be brought down to a lower role than prior, unless they were not assigned a higher role. Higher roles include Admin, Moderator, and VIPs.

Stage 3 (Demotion / Probationary Period)

Stage 3 is a moderate offense, which results in a 1-week Probationary Period, and a swift demotion to a general role. Once the Probationary Period has ended, the member will be assigned to the Transition role, of which will last another week. When the 1-week Transition period has concluded, the member will be placed into the @everyone role, and be Disqualified from becoming a Moderator for another 3-months, and fully disqulified from ever becoming an Admin. The member may still become a VIP, should I approve.

Stage 4 (Kick / Soft Ban)

At Stage 4, a serious offense has been committed, and the member must be removed from the server and banned for no less than 1 week. Upon return to the server, the member is to be fully Disqualified from becoming a VIP/Moderator/Admin, and will be placed into a Probationary Period of 2 weeks. Upon completion of the 2-week Probationary Period, the member is then assigned the Transition role for 1-week, and will return to @everyone afterwards.

Stage 5 (Kick / Permanent Ban)

At Stage 5, a high crime has been committed, and the offender must be removed and banned from the server, permanently.