VEKTR0alliance Discord Server - Roles

These are roles of my Discord server.

Staff Members

These are server members who help keep the server afloat.


Only two members hold this role, myself (VEKTR0) and fl0manel (my main bot). We are who run the server to best of our abilities.

Bad Fellas

Members of my collective, Bad Fellas Entertainment. They are server administrators.


Automated members of the server that beep-boop, and are each programmed to run certain task, and handle certain situations. They are server moderators.


At the base of the staff members are these long-time members of the server. They are server moderators.

Cool People

These members are, well, cool people.


Long-time members of this Discord server, or long-time subscribers of my YouTube channel.


These roles require verification via server administrators.


Members with this role have been verified as creators of modifications for games. This can include scripts, vehicle models/textures, and more.


A big part of this Discord server are the content creator, and this role is dedicated to people who upload videos or livestream to platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer.