VEKTR0alliance Discord Server - Roles

These are roles of my Discord server.

Staff Members

These are server members who help keep the server afloat.


Only two members hold this role, Mike (mike_art03a) and Dan (JeepinDan). They help run the server in my absense, and lead the other staff.


Every Discord server needs a good staff team, capable of answering questions, providing insight, and making sure everyeone stays out of trouble.


Automated members of the server that beep-boop, and are each programmed to run certain tasks and handle certain situations.

Cool People

These members are, well, cool people.

Friends & Family

Dedicated role for real-life friends and family members.


Members who are regularly active on the server and my YouTube channel.

Other Roles

These are other roles that you'll see on the server.


Approved members of the server, with access to the general parts of the server.


Members who have access to mature content in the "NSFW" channel category on the server. Want access? Be sure that your 18-or-older butt checks out the "#nsfw-information" text channel.